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Why we started

Before we start with what we want to do, we thought we'd let you all know about KCH in Lilongwe. In particular, before we tell you about what we need, we thought we'd start with what we love.

So this is what our staff said when we asked them: "What do you love about working in KCH?":

‘I like working at KCH because we save most Malawians and KCH has many specialists who help many patients that cannot be cured at district hospitals. The care given is of higher quality than in other hospitals in Malawi’

‘I am passionate about working with children in KCH which is a referral hospital in the central region, managing children of different disease conditions. So it is my personal goal to contribute positively to restoring health in these young children. I like managing complicated cases and seeing these children recover and go home despite the many challenges in the work environment and health systems’

‘Despite the lack of resources, inadequate staff etc kids get better. Look at the playgrounds full of children who got better. For every one or two children that die 200 live and that’s something to be rpoud of. Highly committed staff despite inadequate conditions, low wages, not getting paid, better paying jobs elsewhere, they show up every day, day after day, year after year. Something must be going right for them to stick around.’

‘Watching a child come back from the brink of death. Working with caring colleagues. Providing some comfort to a grieving family emember. Seeing a hungry malnourished child smile for the first time. Seeing the local clinical officers and medical studnets learn and improve.’

‘I love working at KCH because of the hard working people and the kind of team work that exists. People are willing to make things improve for the better at KCH.’

‘Impacting on so many children who might not otherwise have been assisyed. We do so much with so little. The patience of the parents and the resilience of the children. Hard working colleague who fight against the odds.’

‘The children getting better. The potential it has to become a better place. A service to the nation. A response to my calling from God. The exposure it gives.’

‘The kids who improve. ‘Bo bo’ and smiles. Staff with ideas and desire to improve. Successful improvisations when faced with scarcity.’

‘Helping kids most in need. Making families happy. Teaching the trainess. Joking wih the nurses. Working with dedicated people. Making the most out of the little resources we have.’

‘I love working at KCH paediatric department because I enjoy working with kids plus KCH is one of the biggest hospitals in Malawi with lots of kids who needs care. When I see kids getting better I just feel so happy.’

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